Brendan Dunn

Graphic Design



Don’t you wish you could leave your wallet at home? With the WAVE you can do exactly that. It’s a money bracelet that you use to make charges to your credit card. It’s easy to set up with the WAVE app; you just synchronize the WAVE bracelet with your phone and then add your credit card info.

Like many bank apps, the design uses blue. The custom logo and the Oswald and Roboto typefaces create a dynamic look with a active and sporty feel.  A responsive splash page provides additional information and promotes the WAVE. Created with Stephanie Hawn.


Breakdown Buddy


How will you get help when your car breaks down in a strange town? Relax: just use the Breakdown Buddy app to easily find the services you need. Because users will be flustered and frustrated, the app contains only the essentials: information about repairs, tows, cabs, rental cars, bus routes, and hotels.

Users won’t be in a good frame of mind when they use this app. So all app functions are clear and obvious. and they’re prioritized in the order of importance and typical use. Layouts remain as consistent as possible throughout the app.



I love everything that goes into branding and packaging: analyzing an entity’s mission, researching the competition, brainstorming all the possibilities, reviewing related genres, creating visual elements, and refining the minutia. It’s all good fun!

Bainbridge Island Brewing uses vintage elements rendered in a clean modern style. Manna provides a respectable packaging for cannabis cookies. Ketchikan Bay draws inspiration from old cannery labels.