Seattle Dodgeball


Seattle Dodgeball needed a dynamic new brand.  I created an intense, memorable logo to match the vitality of the sport.  It is bright, playful and conveys a sense of movement.  For collateral, I branded t-shirts, hats, and dodgeballs.

These items can be sold as merchandise to raise funds and increase brand visibility. A brand guideline book was also created to keep the brand consistent. In addition to proper colors and typeface, it includes the correct dimensions of the logo.

Heart Shaped Box


Heart-Shaped Box is the debut novel by Joe Hill, the son of popular horror author Stephen King.  To create the cover, I first assembled a mood board of haunting images and keywords inspired by the book: compelling, distressed, hypnotic, uneasy, seductive. I went through several iterations before landing on the image of a empty suit sitting upright in a chair.

The typeface is thin, glowing, and slightly blurred, as if it is about to disappear from existence. The inside copy used elegant and bold Bodoni for section heads, a more ornate and gothic Fette Fraktur for the chapter heads, and Baskerville was chosen for the body copy.




Galen Drew and I collaborated on this 2 minute cartoon, a trailer for a wild movie with a strange plot and a galaxy of stars. We first wrote the script, then started a tumblr page and pinterest board to share work and inspiration. After storyboarding the animation and designing the characters, we learned After Effects to render the assets we had created with Photoshop and Illustrator.

We also collaborated on the music and voice acting, while Cory Foster provided stellar narration. The learning curve on this project was surprisingly forgiving, although animating takes up loads of time. The final result owes a debt to Ren & Stimpy, Sponge Bob, and Adventure Time.