Holly Robins

Graphic Design





Bohemia has by far been one of my favorite projects as it gave me the opportunity to really incorporate my personal style in to a brand.  I first went through the process of designing the logo and then designed an entire magazine cover to cover.  This piece of the project was mostly focused on layout design.

Once the print piece of this project was completed, I designed & developed the web presence for the magazine.  The focus here was finding the best way to elegantly serve dynamic content so that it’s easily digestible for the user.  The web design for this project was selected as 1 of 2 winners for the Fall 2013 Interaction Design Competition.




Current is an app/smart device combination that allows you to monitor your home energy usage from a single location.  This project was another end-to-end design where we were responsible for the concept, brand, app design, marketing strategy, packaging and splash page design.

This project was a collaboration between myself and a classmate Brit Zerbo where we heavily focused on prototyping and user testing and remained iterative through final delivery.  Our work on this project was also selected as 1 of 2 winners of the Winter 2014 Interaction Design competition.

Artisan Assembly




The goal of this project was to complete an end to end design starting with branding/identity all the way to responsive web design for a makerspace called Artisan Assembly.  There was a heavy emphasis on research at the onset of the project to ensure the design connected & resonated with the user base.

The print collateral for this project included business cards, leave-behind brochures, event invitations and stationery. The web design was executed with a mobile first approach in mind.  All of the designs built out scale down to a single column for ease of adapting to different devices.