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Graphic Design

B Quarterly

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B Quarterly is a magazine and blog that I created to showcase local creatives, style and food. B Quarterly magazine was created to inspire women to love being themselves. This quarter long print magazine is 60+ pages of layout and micro typography.

Along with B Quarterly magazine we were tasked to create a blog to support the print content. Users wanted to get beautiful curated content with native advertising that did not offend or disrupt their online experience. I designed unique layouts to give the posts a more original feel.

Mighty O Donuts


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Tempo is an exercise app paired with a wireless headphone that allows multiple people to listen to one playlist all from one smartphone. Tempo app lets users quickly and easily log onto playlists and even create their own. The user experience was our main goal in creating the layout and navigation of the Tempo app. With multiple iterations of user testing we were able to create an app that had only the features that the user would want.

Tempo needed an online presence so the splash page was very important. We used a blank WordPress theme to create a website that would catch the users eye quickly and deliver the information users need in the forefront. This project was a partnership with Stacia Haisch.