Book Design: Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance


The objective of this project was to design a book jacket and interior layout of the book based on a concept and moodboard. Drawing visual inspiration from wiring diagrams to reflect the systematic and analytical mind of the book’s protagonist, I illustrated the cover with pen and ink, intentionally leaving imperfections in the hand-drawn linework.

Besides being an opportunity to scratch my itch to draw by hand, this project taught me multitudes about working with text in InDesign, which has become my favorite program to work with in the Adobe Suite.

Packaging: Pasta Boxes


The final project we were tasked with in the packaging design class was to create a series of of three packages as part of a product line, and I chose to design boxes for pasta. “Forma,” meaning shape, or make, was given as the name because so much of pasta’s appeal comes from the wide variety of shapes it comes in.

Although they are intended to have a slightly more high-end look than most dried pastas, they are designed to still at home on supermarket shelves.

Packaging: Matchbox


For this project in packaging class, we were tasked with designing something in a box. I chose to design a matchbox, indulging in my fondness for miniature things, obsolete technology, and illustrating with pen and ink.

These matches share their namesake with some early matches known as “congreves,” which were named after war rockets invented by Sir William Congreve. His portrait was drawn by hand and digitized in Photoshop, along with the bordering Victorian flourishes.