kristen conrad

This image is focusing on the element of texture. I wanted to show makeup in a messy, let beautiful way. To achieve this I used color, texture, composition and lighting to create the effect. Simplicity can have an impact and that was the goal of this image.

I lit the makeup to have deep shadows and bright highlights to create interest and impact. I used one light to create a dramatic effect. The lighting brought out the sparkling texture of the makeup.


kristen conrad

This image is based on light and reflection. My approach was to highlight  reflective objects in a graphic, simplistic way. I wanted the fragrance to have hard shadows and bright highlights to compliment the style of the bottle.

The bottle has a very bold style and I wanted to compliment it with the lighting. I lit the bottle to give it the feel of natural sunlight, which created the hard shadows to show the graphic shape.  The highlight on the bottle  from the lighting gives it that sun lit feel.


kristen conrad

This image is to showcase accessories in a different way. The concept of the shoe was to be on moon lit water.  I wanted to capture the high heel but only focus on the shape and color. I silhouetted the shoe to show the shape. I used the light to create the mood and color.

I wanted to show the shoe but only give a hint of it. I used different materials to get the blue tone and water effect. I feel the lighting and deep blue tone give the image impact.