Margaret Darcher

Graphic Design

Orange Marmalade

Margaret Darcher Kimberly Jacobs Orange Marmalade
Margaret Darcher Kimberly Jacobs Orange Marmalade
Margaret Darcher Orange Marmalade Prints

Orange Marmalade is an online gift shop that carries merchandise printed with signature patterns. The store stocks coordinating products in bright, cheerful colors and prints. Orange Marmalade executes pop-up shops on special occasions to interact with customers and produce social media buzz.

The scope of this project includes identity system with brand guide, responsive e-commerce shop built on the Shopify platform, design for a pop-up shop, merchandising standards, signage design, and shipping collateral. This project is a partnership with Kim Jacobs.


Margaret Darcher Stocked Mobile Inventory Management System
Margaret Darcher Stocked Inventory Management System Screen Design
Margaret Darcher Stocked Inventory Management System

Stocked is an inventory management system for microbusinesses consisting of two parts: a mobile app and a wireless barcode printer connected to the smartphone. The Stocked App keeps an inventory list and assigns each item a barcode. Products can be added, marked as sold and inventory can be reconciled from the app. Stocked generates real-time reports that can be exported for business management and accounting purposes.

The Stocked Barcode Printer connects to the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth so that barcodes can be printed directly from the phone. The scope of the project includes user research, content architecture, user experience design, interface design, prototype develoment using, responsive landing page, and promotional video. It was a partnership with Matthew Sherman.


Margaret Darcher Shooq Mobile Social Shopping App
Margaret Darcher Shooq Mobile Social Shopping Mobile App
Margaret Darcher Shooq Social Shopping App Style Tile

Shooq is a social shopping mobile app that allows users to make curated collections of products they would like to buy, share products with friends, and make purchases from within the app. Shooq capitalizes on the trend of discovery shopping in a user-centered mobile experience.

Shooq partners with retailers to ensure that all products displayed within the app are availible for purchase. Users who have added a particular product to a collection are allerted when that product is marked down or if quantities of that product are low. Products can easily be shared with other users within the app, or outside of the app on social networks.