Sarah Rosenfeld

Graphic Design



Diabetics worldwide have to monitor their glucose levels multiple times per day and keep a log of their results. Diabetic children who need supervision and fear needles are not exempt from this process. While the technology exists to monitor glucose levels via sweat and tears, as of yet there is no device on the market to seamlessly do this and integrate the results with an app that also offers other resources for patients.

With the fictional company, NiTech (Non-Invasive Technology), my partner (Caroline Maxwell) and I created a product and a companion app to completely streamline the process of monitoring glucose levels non-invasively, logging results on a device, and have access to resources related to diabetes. The two technologies that NiTech developed are the “sleeve” which monitors glucose via sweat, and the contact lens which takes readings from tears.



Social networks such as Facebook, and once Myspace or Friendster have an expiration date. Eventually, if they don’t evolve to meet the needs of a new generation of users they will outlive their usefulness. With an array of new products on the market and giants such as Facebook on the decline, what will the next social network/app be?

Enter Mixtape: a music-oriented social network based on connecting with real friends by sharing user-curated streamable playlists – either with an individual or on your timeline. It takes elements of pandora and 8tracks and fuses them with a current & recognizable interface reminiscent of the popular Snapchat in order to give users a new medium and conduit to connect via their mobile devices.

Poster Design


As a graphic designer with a background in illustration, one of my favorite types of projects to work on is poster design. The above posters showcase three different types of posters. The first is a silk screened poster – part of a response to a theme called “duo”. The quote on poster translates to: “To hell with death while we are living life”. The entire poster is an original illustration of mine that I vectored and then screen-printed.

The second poster is a travel poster for Iguazu Falls in Argentina.  I combined photography with vector illustration and elegant type to give this commonly photographed locale a different and inviting perspective. The final poster is for a fictional horror film “The Tunnel”. I art-directed and produced every aspect of this piece from the photography & photo-shop work to the typography and layout.