Stacia Haisch

Graphic Design





Tempo is a group exercise app that allows multiple people to listen to a playlist controlled from one smartphone. What sets Tempo apart from other apps is that it pairs with a specific earpiece that records stats and allows for a hands-free experience.

Along with creating the concept for the app, conducting research, user testing, prototyping and interface design, a responsive landing page highlighting the product was also a deliverable. Tempo is a collaborative project with Jess Daiger.

Simple Things



Simple Things is an online publication built on a blank WordPress theme. It features articles on travel, food and general well being and seeks to uplift, encourage and inspire its readers. The project objective was to use the CMS platform as a base, but to design and code it in such a way that it doesn’t look like a generic WordPress blog or website.

In addition to an online publication I also re-branded the print version of this magazine. This was a very layout intensive piece that allowed for a lot of creativity in terms of the branding and overall look and feel. In the end, the magazine consisted of 60 pages including ads that I designed as well.


Flood Love



Flood Love is a project inspired by a good friend who recently beat cancer. I researched existing patient support websites/forums and surveyed people who have been directly or indirectly affected by a disease or life changing accident to discover the best ways to help during their treatment and recovery process.

With the information I received, designed a website that caters to the needs of patients and their family/friends. My design goals for Flood Love were to incorporate bright colors and friendly typefaces so that users are met with a positive visual message when they visit the site.