Conceptual Work

Tory Watson
Tory Watson
Tory Watson

I photograph worlds into existence. I mix a bit of whimsy with a bit of the mysterious to tell a deeper story. I am an artist, an inventor, a boundary pusher, and sometimes a fool. I venture into the spaces between the visual and the physical, between emotion and technology. I am a conceptual photographer and an interactive technologist: the artist-hacker.

I produce sill imagery that invokes emotion and a sense of the unknown, along with experiences that invite the viewer to participate in the worlds that I create. I use motion to bring life to a moment. I use technology to bridge the gap between our eyes and our physicality. These are the tools I use to tell stories and invite others to participate in the telling.





Cinemagraphs inhabit the space between still photography and the moving image. Like stills, they are moments frozen in time and yet they move. They cycle endlessly: moving yet never moving forward. These moments don’t truly exist and it’s the experience that these surreal, moving moments create that make cinemagraphs unique. The process involves shooting for the desired motion and then freezing and looping parts of it to create the piece.

Sometimes it comes together easily; sometimes every frame needs to be altered. Shooting for cinemagraphs has taught me to think about creating imagery in an entirely new way. Rather than capturing the perfect moment, I create pieces that try to pass on the feeling of that moment, or even create a new space that never actually existed.

Salt Blade Founder Video


I love telling stories of real people and especially finding the story within the story. This is about a man’s charcuterie business, but it’s also about the community that forms around good food and good people. Because Bob and his wife are good friends of mine, I know and am a part of the huge community of friends they have brought around them.

Their love of community and Bob’s passion for handcrafted food are the driving forces behind him starting this business. It was a joy to capture this passion and process and tell his story.