I was given two words to create a logo, My words were “bee” and “Automotive”. After many rounds of sketching I fused a spark plug with the body of a bee to get what you see here.

The next project was to create a packaging suite consisting of three different types of product. I chose to do the oil bottle, oil filter and air cleaner box. I modified the logo a bit to give it a more aggressive feel to reflect the name of the brand.


Heart of Darkness


In this project I was to create a book cover, Illustrations for the book, End-sheets and all the internal typography and layout.

As I read the book I realized a normal book cover would not suffice. All the books that were encountered in the story are destroyed from the harsh environment, I decided to make a leather pouch to protect the book from the journey that takes place in the story. The design was inspired by the old pony express riders they carried a similar item on their deliveries.

Hand Washing Campaign


This project was an art direction exercise. After sketching out the idea for the campaign, I worked with a photographer to take the soap shots ( those bubbles were much tougher to get than I anticipated ) then time to come up with some catchy copywriting.

After the shots were composited I placed them in places people would benefit from seeing them, anywhere near a bus.