Holly Torneby

Graphic Design

Sunset Magazine Redesign


The Sunset Magazine redesign was inspired by everything west coast. The redesign reflects an aesthetic that mirrors the pioneering spirit that the magazine was founded on. Saturated colors, contemporary type, bold graphic elements and full bleed imagery are used to create a clean and cohesive reader experience, true to the brand itself.

The web presence for Sunset is a digital, user-centered extension of the brand. The site is composed of condensed, micro-articles, DIY slide shows, recipes and other curated pieces. The site is responsive and the experience is the same regardless of screen width and all content is social and shareable.

North Snow Report App


NORTH is the first snow report app to utilize crowdsource reporting to create an accurate, social, local and mobile weather and snow conditions reporting. Developed with the user in mind, the process of creating NORTH consists of in-depth user research, interviews, focus groups, testing and iterations.

NORTH is an intuitive, easy to use, gestural interface that allows users to rate, review, comment, check-in, upload photos and video all in real-time. The result is accurate, curated, contextual content delivered to the user- whenever and wherever they are.

Vault Payment App



Vault is a safe, secure and easy-to-use payment app. Vault organizes all payment methods digitally and makes them accessible on the smartphone. The app allows users to “tap-to-pay” using a NFC enabled case. In addition to commerce, users can track their spending and track loyalty card rewards.

The app also utilizes a learning algorithm and populates payment methods based on location and popularity. Beyond the user interface and user experience design, Vault is a thoughtful, scalable and marketable brand. Vault was a team effort, created in partnership with the talented Ivan Loughlen.