Jack Hunter


Men's Clothing


Personally I really like men’s clothing, so I’ve been refining my technique to create images that work for selling product to me. I look to create images that evoke a simple, clean and classic feel. I find that the most important aspects of clothes are the cut and textures, so my photography emphasizes these.

Rich textures and interesting silhouettes create images that can be used by my clients to fill up their websites and catalogs with the photographs their brand needs to sell to discerning customers.




Shoes make the foundation of any outfit and are one of my favorite things. While most are made out of leather, there are a ton of varieties of color and texture. Different shoes also have a wide variety of different shapes, lending themselves to a fantastically interesting study of form.

Using clean and simple backgrounds displays form and shape, while detailed backgrounds lets me contextualize the shoes and really emphasize the unique personality of every shoe.



I’ve always loved technology, so it was only natural that I started to create images of it. I combine photography with CGI renders created in 3ds Max to create super clean images of phones and other electronics.

The digital graphics I produce let me create images for my clients that meet the most demanding of resolution and clarity needs. Editing techniques I use in these images keep the electronics I’m shooting retain the perfection of the product straight out of the package.