Phi Van Kim Nguyen

Graphic Design

Sprout App


The goal of the Sprout app is to create an experience that allows users to monitor and interact with their garden and individual plants via hardware and a mobile device. Sprout acts as a smart gardening assistant that helps the novice gardener by notifying them when their plant vitals are dangerously low.

It is also useful for the more advanced gardener as collected data on vitals can be viewed in detail and analyzed to forecast ahead. Sprout is a partnered project between Van Nguyen and Alex Sivilay.

Dear John Novel



A redesign of one of my favorite books, “Dear John”, a novel by Nicholas Sparks. To capture and interpret the bittersweet love story throughout the novel, I used old-fashion handwritten letters. To do this, I typed the letters and baked them in the oven. Once the heat made them look old, I photographed them and used them for the dust jacket.

I also focused on the interior typography, layout and spacing details. I added room to the edges so the readers could comfortably hold the book without covering the text. To provide a pleasant reading experience, I chose Garamond typeface.



The logo redesign for Pike Place Fish Market is a modern, simple, iconic and recognizable approach using brandmark symbol. The concept was to appeal to larger and wider audience, while maintaining their identity as a reliable source for news and strong innovation, as well as develop their “World Famous” business.

The look of logo reveals the best quality of fish of the company is referenced by a deep blue sapphire Pantone color and a customized version of the classic typeface Avenir Next.