Sara Mark
Sara Mark

This food series explores tasty new ideas and out of context food photography. Being raised by parents in the culinary industry, it seemed only natural that Sara became a food photographer. Seeking to evoke new feelings over food photography, Sara adds a conceptual and colorful touch to her delicious imagery.

With a simple concept and the desire to spike more than just an ‘mmmm’ from the viewer Sara blends the two worlds of food and conceptual photography in a vivid and exciting way.




Cinemagraphs are still photographs in which a minor repeated movement occurs.  When Sara first saw a cinemagraph, she knew she wanted to know more.Working closely with the Seattle Culinary Academy she made a series of cinemagraphs highlighting the culinary program and resturants featured at the school. 

With the movement being subtle it makes the viewer search the image rather than just a passing glance. Sara’s cinemagraphs are unique, captivating, and entertaining.

Coffee Love

Sara Mark
Sara Mark
Sara Mark

Just like many other Seattleites do, Sara loves her coffee. With all of the different ways to prepare, flavor, and drink coffee there are equally as many ways to photograph it. Sara showcases an everyday commodity from a conceptual point of view that isn’t usually seen, using bright colors, composition, and styling.

So enjoy your coffee, whether you prefer it just plain black, a latte, hot, iced, topped in whipped cream, or with a side of doughnuts!