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David Buitrago Banditos Salsa Packaging Design


David Buitrago Bergman's Mustard

Banditos Salsa is targeted at kids, moms and young adults. I would like to see people grab a Banditos salsa on their way to a party or BBQ, and it is my goal that the packaging, flavor and catchy name will become a topic of conversation. Each flavor is represented by color and the use of desert animal mascots reasserts a fun southwestern feel.

Bergman’s mustard is made in Seattle Washington from mustard seed grown in the Yakima valley. Named after the Bergman’s bear;  a species of brown bear identified and named by Swedish zoologist Sten Bergman in 1920. The packaging has a somewhat regal and emblematic feel featuring a bear head and blackletter type. The overall appearance sends a message to the consumer that the product is trustworthy and of high quality.


Shot Genius GPS Golf


Shot genius

There are other GPS golf systems out there, but none of them can compare to the ShotGenius system. By using state-of-the art GPS technology inside the golf ball along with your handheld smartphone, our system provides unparalleled accuracy between you and your ball. This combination of precision will help any golfer, whether your handicap is 5 or 25.

By using the application, users can get access to our course database and determine real time distances to all key hazards and targets on each hole of our 40,000+ mapped out courses with the touch of a finger. Not only does the ShotGenius app provide unprecedented accuracy on the course but it also provides on-the-spot club recommendations based on game performance and will keep score and player stats.

Glyph Magazine

David Buitrago Glyph Magazine
David Buitrago Glyph Magazine
David Buitrago Glyph Magazine

Glyph Magazine is a quarterly subscription based publication aimed at a niche market of designers and lettering enthusiasts. It features the work of lettering artists and type designers including  interviews, tutorials, “typespotting” on the fly, and comics about sign painting.

For the online presence, I developed a responsive website prototype using a naked theme in WordPress.  The site is a based on a “freemium” model  in which some content is free and some is behind a paywall.   Users can pay for classes as they go or choose a subscription plan that suits their needs.