Jake Magraw




I was once told that if you keep it simple and light it beautifully & you’ve got a winner every time. I’ve always approached my product photography based off of that idea. I use multiple exposures to portray products in their best light.  Compositing came natural to me as I went through school and it’s something I’ve grown to enjoy.

I really enjoy the challenge of shooting black on black as well, because I usually gravitate towards highly technical lighting scenarios.



Automotive photography is something I always thought of as a hobby.  But once I started to learn the basics of lighting in school I really wanted to apply it my passion to shoot automobiles. I tend to take more of a commercial photography approach with my automotive photos.  I really want to place the vehicles in a place where the manufactures envision them being in when they created them.

The interior shots have proved to be some of the most difficult shots I’ve ever taken but also my have been some of my favorite shots to date.  Just like my product photography I like to utilize my composting skills for my automotive work as well.

Time Lapse

Time lapse has become one of my passions as of late. I love time lapse because it’s a happy medium between photography and video. I have a motion-controlled system that allows me to accomplish sliding movements. I’ve been able to time lapse some very cool events as of late.

Over summer I was able to shot a time lapse for the Seattle Sounders and whole foods. I’m currently working on a PNW project and am very excited to see where the projects leads me after school.