Fish Delish


Fish Delish is a locally sourced, organic, small-batch, dolphin-safe, gluten-free, non-gmo, artisan cat food. My design used textural elements similar to a mother’s warm, six-teated, furry belly to evoke feelings of nostalgia and comfort. The identity consists of an abstract fish logo, with smooth Swiss lines and generous white space.

The muted and earthy color palette helps the package feel like a nap in the sun. The geometric sensibilities keep it clean, like a freshly licked paw. This was a collaborative project with my third cousin Mr. Butterscotch, pictured on the box.

Cat Massage

Pussy Parlor is a locally owned alternative health provider focused on the groundbreaking cat massage technique. This is a passion project to show the public alternatives to the mainstream medical money machine that shoves drugs, literally, down our throats and to begin the critical discourse on the condition of health care in America today.

My art direction used bright colors and minimalist set design to show the natural healing power of nature, naturally. I used straightforward camera angles, Swiss lines, and generous white space to convey the honesty of the client.  The film themes of temporality and loss are apparent throughout. My half-brothers, Fluffykins, Squeakers, and Cookie Salad are featured in the film.

Space Cat


Space Cat began as a pet project of mine. The elegant white space accentuates Space Cat’s solitary and temporal existence, like a candle in the wind. It’s going to be a long, long time until touchdown brings him around again.  He misses his wives, it’s lonely out in space. The introspection brings him to the realization that he is not the man they think he is at home.

Is he a man or is he the job he has five days a week?  He often stares into the galaxy where the stars appear as tiny dancers.  How he longs for the days of watching ‘Who’s the Boss’ and to be held closer by the women he loves more than life itself.  My design uses Swiss lines, generous white space and strong type.