marissa alves photography
marissa alves photography
marissa alves photography

Louisa Meng runs a fashion blog compelled of her inspiration and outfits that she styles. I’ve always admired her personal sense of style, that’s when I felt she would compliment my book perfectly.

The vision for this shoot was a urban setting with older buildings with colors that convey a warm tone compliment her style in a natural way.


marissa alves photography


Rachel is from Heffner Management. I wanted this shoot to be mostly focused on her hands and arms. The way her arm rests on her face and through her naturally curly hair was perfect.

My makeup artist was Taylor Richardson, who did an amazing job. I have worked with taylor on a few shoots in the past, and every time she does an amazing job. This was higher production shoot with a solid concept, and I couldn’t be happier with the final results.


marissa alves

When approaching this shoot, I wanted to compliment Haley’s simple and clean look. Nothing over the top or overly styled. we went with a leather jacket to compliment her skin tone and hair and I told her to close her eyes and relax; this is the outcome of that moment.

They say an audience can relate better to a photo when you can’t see the subjects eyes, and my goal was to make people feel the emotion she was feeling at the time of this shoot.