bryan anton

Stripping one away from everything will show the true value. Throughout this series of portrait studies I have removed each subject from things of distraction and left them with the bare essential tools or materials that they use to build and develop their craft.

I wanted to create a stark quality to the lighting to amplify each individual’s characteristics and the textures of each scene. So far this collection includes two individuals, Tarik Abdullah who creates recycled leather bicycle goods and SAX G who produces beautiful sounds.


bryan anton
bryan anton

You can tell a story through a single image, or at least evoke a conversation. In my editorial work I find that in most cases I lean towards capturing motion and emotion through movement and atmosphere.

It is in most cases the ability to put myself in certain situations that leads to an opportunity to create beautiful imagery. Knowing where to direct and when to be still and just capture is crucial in creating a photograph that is meaningful. Everyone has a story to tell, but are you willing to listen?



Through a single portrait ones true beauty should be represented in honesty. I approach every portrait session I have as an opportunity to represent each person in a way that I feel best showcases who he or she are, or that amplifies an idea or concept.

Discovering that simplifying my set up by using a single light source if any at all has helped me connect in a closer way to my subjects and their personality. While shooting I want my subjects to feel comfortable, so conversation is always flowing and jokes are sure to be made.