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Survival knives take many shapes and forms. Some come in large-all-encompassing kits while others work off of a tried and true formula for compact fold-out tools. Rugis was created to bridge the gap between the physical way we interact with our environment and the data we can gather digitally.

The device connects via bluetooth to your smartphone and provides accurate readings for H20 Purity, Barometric Pressure and Precipitation, Location, Speed, Altitude and it converts sunlight into energy stored on an onboard backup lithium-ion battery. Rugis is a collaboration between Alice Wicks and Joshua Pitney.



NOX was created as a means to showcase local lesser-known artists from the PNW in a visually striking and engaging layout. The first issue being an aesthetic test of sorts featuring mainly works from the editors.Built from the ground up with the community in mind, NOX’s audience consists of local curators, young and old Art Walk patrons and the artists who drive the community.

From the beginning, the goal of NOX was a split vision; a print publication consisting mainly of editorial coverage and features and the online Blogazine tailored to selects, music, multimedia and events.The Blogazine was built using WordPress and a bare-bones theme to assist in customizing not only the aesthetic, but also the dynamic layout of articles all from the dashboard. Check the prototype out at


joshua pitney UX

Since the 2010 earthquake in Japan and subsequent meltdown of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, there has been a lot of concern regarding radiation contamination. While there exists a DIY crowdsource campaign to gather radiation data, it relies on the accuracy of its users to manually upload their data to a website. I wanted to create something simpler and easier to use while still being considered a robust and reliable tool.

Enter DETECTr: an app controlled Geiger Counter. The Geiger Tube can be connected via physical cable or bluetooth. The GUI consists of readouts for both nearby radiation and accumulated dosage. Users are also presented with an easy to understand and unobtrusive method for uploading, accessing and sharing readings all within the app itself.