Lifestyle Photography




A majority of what Dawna’s portfolio consists of is lifestyle photography, and these photos best demonstrate that. These selected photographs are all shot using natural light, which is her preferred method of lighting.

The three ladies in these photographs are all dear friends of her’s, and these photos represent their personalities and how she sees them. Dawna finds herself photographing people in an environment that she feels best fits their personality to bring out the essence and whimsicalness of his or her true self.



Studio Photography




This body of work represents Dawna’s studio portrait work. While in the studio she tries to unitize the space to create an environment that will bring out the personalities and charm of her models. Even in the studio she prefers a more natural look.

Dawna finds that the studio can be fairly limiting at times but she can always overcome obstacles and create imagery that she is proud to show. This body of work represents Dawna’s favorite selections of her studio work.



Music Video

Music Video This is a music video Dawna made for a singer/song writer and good friend of hers, Heather Acord. The song is called Mr. Daisy Nappin’ which is a song about her journey through growing up, high school, and her becoming a musician.

The song title is actually named after a tree that Heather had in the front yard of the house she grew up in. For being the first music video that Dawna has made, she is quite happy with the outcome and plans to continue with her video work.