Editorial and Fashion




As a backdrop Seattle is an inspiring place. I look for color, texture, and geometry. This city is full of building facades and colorful walls. The brigh overcast days give us beautiful light, perfect for shooting outdoors anytime of day. The ability to collaborate with someone, a model, in this case, is what I like the most.

When everyone is able to bring an element to the work, it becomes a collaboration, which by nature, is more powerful than anything I could ever do on my own. On this particular day we shot in two locations around town, one indoor one outdoors. I to aim produce moody and emotional imagery regardless of the backdrop.





Portraits were the first type of photographs I noticed. I love to look at people, analyzing the unique features, figuring out how the distance between their eyes, the shape of their chins, their noses come together to make a face. It might be my background in the sciences that gives me this sense of wonder about faces. Beauty comes in many shapes.

I attempt to capture what I see as that person’s beauty. Sometimes it is the physical shape of their face. Sometimes that translates into mood, emotion, and personality. I began photographing people I knew, many of them not models, with the goal being to capture what I see as their beauty – and often, it is the connection with a human being that is beautiful. How cliché.