Collection: Stories


Each and every photo shoot stands as a journey for me. Besides providing a loosely structured storyline, a mood board to set the base tone of my vision, I prefer to refrain from giving specific posing instructions to my subjects.

The free-flow interaction with the surrounding environment only happens when the boundaries are lifted, and the magic always happens spontaneously.

Collection: Fashion I (Location)

The combination of natural/ambient and studio lighting fascinates me. While scouting for locations, I am drawn to sites that respond and fit the mood and the color palette of the wardrobes.

As to the unpredictable Seattle weather, I find it comforting and almost necessary to always have a backup plan for all outdoor shoots.

Collection: Fashion II (Studio)


I truly embrace the flexibility and quality of studio lighting. Like what Robbie Milne used to say: “Keep it simple, light it beautifully, and you’ve got a winner every time”.

Frequently I would choose a punchy key light to accentuate the color and the texture of the pieces, and often I end up bathing my subjects with a soft glow: it highlights their features and creates an harmonious visual ambience along with the garments.