Olsen Farm Rebrand


Run by one guy with the help of his family, Olsen Farms is a local Washington farm. They travel to the city of Seattle selling potatoes and meat at farmers markets as well as to local restaurants. Known primarily for their wide variety of potatoes, Olsen Farms’ owner Brent is called the potato man.

This was a rebrand that consisted of a new logo, packaging for the meat (three types), collateral, farmers market banner, apparel, and a reusable potato bag.

Scooter's: A Mobile App


Scooter’s is an app that you can order a diner style meal and have it delivered via a scooter. Basically, it’s a speedy quick meal in a box. If you don’t want it delivered you also have the option to pick it up at the 500 square feet store located all around the city. The meals contain a main item (a burger), two

sides (savory and/or sweet items), and a beverage. Any combination can be place into the delivery box like a Tetris and nicely placed into a scooter carrier and delivered. This project consisted of branding, the app, packaging design, and the stores traffic flow.

Thrive: A Mobile Connective App


Thrive is an app that communicates with a smart greenhouse. The greenhouse has all the components needed to thrive in one’s gardening projects. From anywhere, you can communicate with the greenhouse by watering a plant, adjust the temperature, receive notifications, learn more about a plant from Thrive’s large database of plant species, and much more.

Thrive also features a social network of gardeners. If you have an issue with a plant you can take a picture and sent it to a team of specialists. This project consisted of branding, the app, greenhouse prototype, and collateral. This was a collaborative project with Ismael Beltran.