Throughout time the human race has participated in the act of adornment. Be it religion, cultural practice, heritage, ritual, art or simply fashion, the form in which adornment manifests itself is rich with color, texture, pattern, and fascinating layers. I found myself captivated by the subject and began collecting imagery of all different forms of adornment from around the world.

As I investigated further I became even more enthralled with the stories, the cultures and the psychology of this art form. I began to wonder if anyone else would be interested in the subject, and the concept of this magazine was born. I really loved this project!



Research, brainstorming, imagery, illustration and the collaborative process, I love it all! Brand identity and final packaging serve a critical role in how a product is received. I love solving the puzzle and finding that sweet spot for effective visual communication and the impact it can have for a company as well as for the consumer experience.

I am still learning all the nuances, there are so many layers to this craft! But I love the challenge and the overall process of bringing it all together, here are a few of my product packaging designs.

Breakfast Flyer


Breakfast Flyer – Concept, branding, packaging and mobile design for a breakfast truck. Fast, convenient and yummy! Everyone is in a rush these days and one of the things many people miss out on is taking time for breakfast. But if they had a quick, fast and easy way to incorporate it into their daily routine they may be more inclined to start their day with a tasty, warm breakfast.

And so the concept was born, a breakfast truck that provides exactly that. It arrives at your place of business, you order ahead of time and pick up is a snap! Classic breakfast foods, easy to take with you and eat on the run.