Matthew Davison

Graphic Design

App Design and Identity


The first project is the Seattle Public Library app for iPhone. We were tasked with creating a simple interface and streamlining content into an easy to use interface. The app allowed for an e-reader/book downloads, reserving future checkouts, account management and even a barcode to replace the library card. The second app is Tune it. It was created to work in tangent with the existing auto-tuning technology available through the company Tronical. It allowed users to change their tunings remotely, create set-lists of tunings, manage strings and locate your guitar if it was stolen.

The third project was a redesign and revivification of the Bartell Drugs company. The company is known locally as Bartells and I used that reasoning as a basis for the design.


Computer MD, Beermonger, High Voltage


The first project was a freelance project for a computer technician. Following his established style guide I created a mobile wordpress layout. The second website is based aroung a subscription style home-brew kit provider. The site includes accordion forms and is a long page scroll using query anchors for navigation. The problem to be solved with this site was streamlining content and creating an architecture that would support updates and constant changes (i.e. new promotions, products).

The third project was my first foray into wordpress, being a redesign of a website for a local record store. The problem to be solved here was creating an architecture that allowed for current news, posts, etcetera to be immediately available through the landing page.

Typography and Print


The first project is American Gods, Written by Neil Gaiman. I was tasked with illustration, micro typography and layout. The book was delivered both bound and digitally. I bound the hardback book myself, coded the ebook for multiple platforms with mobile friendly presentation. My second picture is a Graphic Poster it was an exercise in photoshop using brushes & designing patterns. There were multiple designs but this one came through as the winner.

The third project was an exercise in photoshop with the client being an art gallery promoting a show called question reality. I was tasked with blending a mix of technology and nature in a surreal setting. The end product was a mix of photo manipulation, illustration and painting within photoshop itself.